Methodological protocol for lymphoscintigraphy in limb edema (Prof. Bourgeois)

Published on: November 2, 2018

The latest version of the protocol for lymphoscintigraphy by Prof. Dr Pierre Bourgeois can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

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Please find an overview of the table of content below:


Methodological protocol for the scintigrahic investigations of the superficial lymphatic system in patients with limb edemas

page 2 The rationales of our protocol

page 2 For the lower limb edemas… in summary

page 2 For the upper limb edemas… in summary

page 3 The “phase 1” in patients with upper limb edema after axillary nodes dissection?

page 3 Why such a protocol?

page 4 The interpretation of the imagings after these 3 phases?

page 5 Reasons for adapting the methodological approach


Our protocol in details

page 6 The preparation of the “tracer”… is the same for the upper and lower limbs

page 6 The Type of Injection (“Intradermal”? “Subcutaneous”?) and their implications…
The (partly) intravenous injections?

page 6 The site of injections!
(The Deep Lymphatic System ?)                                                                                                                                        

page 7 The pictures at the level of the injected sites

page 8 The pictures at the level of the upper limbs

page 10 Our iconographies… for the lower limb lymphoscintigraphies

page 12  For-The “lympho-SPECT-CT” investigations?

page 12 For-The lympho-spect-ct definitions!

page 13 Indications for lympho-spect-ct!

page 14 SPECT-CT in-for the therapeutic management of lymphedematous patients?

page 15 For-The Additional Injection at the root of the limb!

page 15 For-The Additional Injection at the level of the pelvis and of the thoracic wall!


Teachings cases



Written by Prof. Dr Pierre Bourgeois

President of the Belgian Society of Lymphology

Service of Nuclear Medicine and Multidisciplinary Clinic-Unit of Lymphology

Group R&D Clinical Appplications of Fluorescence Imagings

Institut Jules Bordet