Tech Days ’20 Virtual


Going virtual!

Adapting to challenging times to ensure your health and safety, the highly popular annual BELNUC Tech Day will be offered as a series of online webinars this year. In all, 2 hours of state-of-the-art lectures on hot topics in nuclear medicine will be available exclusively to BELNUC members from 21-29 November 2020. Subtitles in Dutch and French will be available.

The Tech Days ’20 have been accredited by FANC/AFCN for 02u00 for “Gemachtigden in de Nucleaire geneeskunde/Personnes habilitées en Médecine Nucléaire”.

If you haven’t renewed your BELNUC membership yet, this is your last chance to secure your access to the Tech Days ’20 Virtual edition!


  1. Something different this year… (<1 min)
    BELNUC Tech Board
  2. When nuclear medicine became radiology: safely performing chest CT studies on hybrid devices during COVID19 (30 min)
    dr. A. Albert
  3. Now you see me, now you don’t: variable or non-FDG avid tumors on PET/CT (30 min)
    prof. dr. T. Van den Wyngaert
  4. Technologist’s challenges in managing a nuclear medicine department (40 min)
    Mrs. W. Kemps
  5. Automated PET tracer dispensers: benefits and novelties (20 min)
    prof. dr. F. De Vos

The webinars will be presented in English (with Dutch and French subtitles), or in Dutch and French depending on speaker preference.